Get $ 5 to $ 10 via shortcut links from this website

wellcom visitor in our blog the sniper
i hope that you are in good healthy 

to daday in this topic we will talk about how you can get money from the abbreviation of the robot

 really i did not want to post such topics in my blog as shortcut links because they explicitly take too much time and fatigue and in the end it is a  little chewy and  may not exceed  5$ 

But for novices who do not know where to start to profit and how to learn may help them such sites because I am so I was a beginner and my first steps were on these sites, but I did not get anything from them and I did not pull them ,,,

The site I will explain to you in this post is a known site and   everyone has passed it 
And still some people shorten their ties it 

Adfly This site allows you to short links and get money for everyone who opens your link or click it 

This site if you short link   it and you publish it must be pressed by10,000 people 10,000 to get five five dollars Imagine, my brother ten thousand people !!  Where will all this number come from ?? It takes  a month or two to reach this huge number of people 

But if you have a page on Facebook where many fans, more than 100 thousand fans may help you this site and earn profits easily or have a large group as well  

This site pays for Paypal and Pioneer 

For the Payoneer must get ten dollars 10 to be able to drag As for the PayPal you must get five dollars  only until withdrawn 

For starters in the Arab countries, you should know that the unemployed PayPal does not receive the money so do not tire yourself before you open the US PayPal I have talked about how to open an American Paypal sends and receives money without problems See the topic in my blog 

For logging in adfly site is very easy 

When you click on the sign up link the easy way 
After registering, confirm your account via the Gmail you registered with 
After that you will find a box to put a link and shorten it You can put any link and then click on the shortcut then you will see a new link and short copy it and publish it in groups as discussed earlier and you can shorten any number of links 
When people click on your link, you 'll start earning money 

This is an explanation of the adfly site

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