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wellcom visitor in our site the sniper
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today in this topic we will talke about the best site that you can book accomondation outsode you country

becuase many people that have a work outsite them country 
so i will give this site and will explain it to use it if you want book accomondation 

AirBnb This site gives you the possibility to book accommodation outside of a country and with a small amount of money 

This site was founded in 2008 in San Francisco, California, United States by Brian Chesky

from this site you book hotel or homes 
this site contain 800 000 ads that publishd in  33000 sate on  192 country 
 So The website holds a good reputation with world 

if you want to open a new account in AirBnb click here

after you signup you must to confirm your account by passport becuase you can not do any thing  unless you confirm the account 
after you confirmed your account you can see the houses and the hotels and you shoose the thing that you like  and you want to book it 

if you have not any method to payment or to book  this site give you a possibility to open payoneer account or mastercard that you can use it to  
the card if you want ot requast its free

this all information about this site or organasation 

in march 2015  the company  approximate value  reached  about US  20$ billion  and it remains  a privatlely  funded campany 

book you hotle now 

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