A great bank that gives you several accounts in different currencies. Try it now

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we will talk or explain a great site, such as a bank such as Sakril, where you can deposit and withdraw them. You can also link cards and withdraw them, but this site is better than Skril because you will open three accounts, one in dollars, one in hard currency, And the ruble

 This site is advcash   a reliable bank that deals with most forex sites for ease of withdrawal 

If you would like to register, click here  

When you register and access your account you will find all the information that concerns you only when registering. Please enter your information correctly as you will confirm the documents so that you can process the transactions within your account from withdrawal and deposit to the other 

For the documents that you should send with the national ID card must send them pictures of the card for both sides of the front and back and the image sizes must be 800 * 600 that the width 800 and the length of the image is 600 because they will be card if not follow the following sizes 
You are required to send your passport to confirm your account 

For proof of housing you must send your gas, electricity, water or bank account invoice and your name will be visible in the documents 
Duration of audit can not be long can be an hour or two and will review your documents,

Within the account you will find many ways to secure your account . If you want to protect your account,

This bank will also give you the possibility to add portfolios in several currencies you can draw to 

You can also change your money between accounts that you have from the euro account to the dollar account,

The site will give you a free MasterCard card for the  site you can handle 
I advise you to register on this site because it is easy to use and the best feature is that it gives you several accounts in different currencies 
This is the explanation today for this wonderful site I hope you benefit 

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