how to register in skrill bank

wellcom in our blog 

today in this topic i will tallk about how you can get account in skrill and i will give some information about this bank 
bank of skrill is one of the most banks discourse with platforms  of forex so as to speed drag it 
you can register in this bank free does not impos 
any fees 

many people make mistaks when they want to 
register  leading to the problem can not be solved 

focused with me on this subjuct until you are logged correctly and experience problem later 
First  you must register your real name and surname becuase this bank allows you to withdraw and pay the money without cheks of personel documents at first but but after transaction look what will happen  for example you charge  the bank with 25dollars here the bank pulled without any problem but while its charge more than 100 dollars will stop your account will not be able to do any transction within  your account to pay and withdraw as if your temporary position and the bank will asked you to raise your documents to confirm you identity and you address in this case send you documents id card or passport to confirm the address then send gas or electricity bill registered in your name becuase it does not activate your account if they do not you name in the documents after  one week the skrill reviewing your information it will tell you that your account is confirmed and you can recieve the money 
without limits 

gooood luck

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