how to increase traffic to your bloger

wellcom in our blog barmagiyat 

today in our topic i will talk about how to increase traffic in your blog that you can access more than 200 visitors per  day and with  easy 

first you should open an account in fanslave click 
here to register 

after you register in this site its very easy to
 singup just enter your prersonal information and activate  your account with the cod that you 
rceive it in your email

after loggin to your account  click for earn as this photo shown 

connet your account  with facebook and twiter
 and gmail 
after you link account  for facebook pages to give you press them what impressed 
youtube will see the the video in half munite  and gathering points 

throuth  your observation and much you like the  pages
as you can see that in my account 4CREDIT or ampproximatly 0.02EURO
we do not care amount becuase our goal is to increase  the number of visits in our blog special 
after you collect the points go to account traffic as shown in this picture

when you press the menu will show you traffic 
page to add link 
take your link of your blog and passt it in the box 
as required in this picture 

thats all of the steps have finished 
now just wait one hour and your blog will be published 
you will notice that your balance or your scors began decrease 
after noting that the site has published your blog  you can go to your special blog note number of visitors 


If you want more traffic you only need to collect points through Views and Likes, and 
so you'll get many visits,

goood luck for you                                  

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